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Acacia – The Madras Masonic Study Circle

Acacia is a twenty eight year old study circle, compriisng of members belonging to the Grand Lodges of England, India, Scotland and Ireland. It devotes its time and energies in reseraching Masonic subjects, which are of common interest to all freemasons. Acacia meets four times a year at Madras, in March, June, September and December when a Masonic paper is presented or a Masonic subject discussed. One of these is usually made an ‘outstation’ one, organised to suit the convenience of its membership, which is spread far and wide. All meetings (assemblies) are followed by fellowship and a meal, the cost being shared by those present. Dress is usually laid down as ‘Lounge Suit’.

Members are entitled to borrow books from the library (subject to the rules) as also receive Summons – each of these carries a great deal of Masonic Literature, which encourages a brother to make a daily advancemnet inMasonic Knowledge.

For more information contact:
Secretary: CK Prabhakaran, 53 (old 25). West Madha Church Street, Royapuram, Chennai – 600 0 13, India.