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The Royal Arch Chapter (Chapter) ‘degree’ is the natural progression from Craft Masonry and the next step on the ladder for any Brother wishing to take his Freemasonry that bit further. When a Freemason has attained the rank of a Master Mason he is then entitled to be exalted into a Chapter. Chapters meet independently, typically once a quarter, of Craft Lodges which normally meet once a month. As in all Masonic degrees the ritual of the Royal Arch is an allegory and all, particularly those who are seeking to complete their Masonic education, will appreciate its value.

Chapters under GLI

Mark Masters

The Order of Mark Master Masons is an appendant order of Freemasonry, similar to Craft Freemasonry the Mark degree ritual conveys moral and ethical lessons using a ritualised allegory based around the building of King Solomon’s Temple. Although only open to Master Masons, the events of the ritual require the candidate to undertake the role of a Fellowcraft. The degree is seen therefore as an extension of the Fellowcraft and the philosophical lessons conveyed are appropriate to this stage in a candidate’s Masonic development.

Mark Master Lodges in India


Elevation into the Royal Ark Mariner Degree, qualification for “elevation to membership” is that of being a Mark Master Mason, commemorates the providence and mercy of God and relates to the legend of the deluge. The teaching of the Degree emphasises the importance of the family strengths and the need for each member of scoiety to play his part for the benefit of all. We are taught that out of chaos and catastrophe mankind can survive and that we should face adversity together, helping to look after those less fortunate than ourselves. Most Royal Ark Mariner (R.A.M.) lodges usually meet the same evening as their Mark Lodge.

R.A.M. Lodges in India