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Banner & Logo

The orign of the banner goes back to remote antiquity, in battle it was the rallying point, the banner of Lodge Eagle No 334 is the rallying point for brethren of this lodge, alumni of The Hyderabad Public School Begumpet.

While the pillars, sun and the moon, the square and compasses, the chequered floor, the All-seeing Eye and other such masonic symbols are typical constituents of a Lodge banner, the Lodge Eagle banner has certain special features.

The banner is set in a background of blue, the school colours of The Hyderabad Public School. Blue alludes to the sky, the kingdom of the Eagle. Blue also symbolizes the Universal Brotherhood as aptly worded in the Scout song, “neel gagan sa vistrut bhraata bhav failata”.

The colous of blue and gold symbolize royalty acknowledging the role royals have played in the establishment of these two great institutions – the Craft and the Hyderabad Public School – two of the original grandmasters were kings while the Hyderabad Public School was established in 1923 as Jagirdar’s College to educate Hyderabad’s nobility.

The golden yellow square and compasses with G in the centre refer to the Craft and the central role played by the GATOU in Masonic consciousness.

The flying Eagle – Shaheen – is the emblem of the Hyderabad Public School. The eagle, which is the king of the birds, possesses many qualities and virtues worth emulating – Strength, endurance, a keen eye and an insatiable desire to endlessly reach greater heights.

The school motto – Be Vigilant – reminds us of the advantages of an alert and keen mind.

The words Honour, Perseverence & Strength emblazoned on the banner are, in essence, the qualities an Eagle symbolizes. The first letters of these virtues, incidenatlly, are also the initials of the alma mater.

At the four corners are the letters T, F, P and J in Green, Blue, Red and Yellow respectively symbolizing the four cardinal virtues of a freemason – Tempreance, Fortitude, Prudence and Justice. They are placed on the banner to remind us that Masons congregate as a Lodge to receive and ampart “Value education” as different from knowledge education, and to build and strengthen character of themselves, their brethren and fellow men. The four colours are that of the four houses in the Hyderabad Public School, named after the four great ancient Indian centres of learning namely – Taxila, Nalanda, Nagarjuna and Vijayanagar.

The Lodge Eagle banner represents the tools in masonry, our urges and aspirations and the Masonic resolve in defence of all that is good and sublime and worthy of preserving and sustaining with a hope that it will ever reimind us and those who follow to keep on drawing the the necessary inspiration from it and prove worthy of the fold. Let it ever be the rallying point for members of this lodge for it symbolizes loyalty, fidelity and unity. The spirit of unity and concord, of wisdom and beauty and of true craftsmenship is demonstrated here. May it ever remind us of the fraternal affection which does and ever should animate Masons in all places and at all times. May the symbols illustarted upon it lead us to seek the highest ideals and direct our actions in harmonious relations with al men and enable us to porvide to the world the happy and beneficial effects of our ancient and honorable institution.

This banner was presented by W. Bro. SK Kapur and W.Bro. Sitaram Agarwal – Past Masters of Lodge Naoshir Chenoy No 187.