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Craft Lodges in Twin Cities

Hyderabad (Goshamaha Baradari Masonic Hall)

Bhagyanagar Masters, 3262nd Friday in March, June, September & December
Deccan, 202nd Saturday
Engineers, 3363rd Friday (Except May)
Hyderabad, 501st Friday
Morland, 254th Thursday (Except May)
Perfect, 2641st Saturday
Keys, 2971st Wednesday (Except May)

Secunderabad (St. John’s Masonic Hall)

Eagle, 3342nd Tuesday in January, April, July & October
Ekram, 451st Thursday
Italia Williams Manian, 1581st Tuesday
Mayo, 193rd Saturday
Noshir Chenoy, 1874th Monday (Except May)
Raksha Sena, 1622nd Wednesday
The Model, 3351st Saturday (Except February, May, August & November)
Secunderabad, 2112nd Monday (Except May)