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HPS Begumpet – The School Song

The school song was exclusively composed and set to music by staff members during Mr. A S Arnold-Brown’s term as Principal (September 1955 – June 1958).

God, keep this school and all who herein dwell
Safe from all harm and evil’s mighty spell
Teach us to live so one and all may be
Proud of this land and man’s equality
God grant that we may live in liberty

Lead us along the path of good and right
Lead us to greatness always in thy sight
All in the school who grow from year to year
May know the truth that thou art always near
And give their best without regret or fear

So in the end this school may grow in fame
All who are here may loudly sing its name
And through the years and from each day to day
May we have cause to rise and proudly say
God bless this school and all who herein dwell